What options can you prevent or reduce? Parts for opening garage doors are expensive and although you need to change a number of things from time to time, you can talk about 5 basic things you can do to keep your garage door working at maximum performance.

First, I highly recommend that you replace the battery in your garage door opening every year. In most households, at least two people enter and exit the garage every day, and batteries in the remote control don’t last forever. About half of cases where people cannot open or close their garage doors because of batteries.

Next, I would highly recommend lubricating your garage door chain. Of all the parts, this can be one of the most expensive parts. That is easy to do. Do this every 1-2 years. Take some WD-40 and spray the garage door chain. Apply generously and then let stand for a moment so that the metal can penetrate. This chain gets a lot of friction from top to bottom and can easily wear out. WD-40 also protects against corrosion and protects metal chains from moisture, which is important in places with high humidity.

So you replace the battery and lubricate the chain … what next?

It’s time to lubricate the wheels. This way you can use any household oil for general use. Like a chain, this wheel moves a lot up and down and friction can damage the soft metal parts that move in it. Always pay attention to how the garage door wheels creak when opening and closing after several years. This is because they are worn and rusty.

This leads us directly to our next advice. Lubricate the chain where the wheels are twisted. You can buy car oil at any store. Take a handful and cover the route lightly. Remember that all the points, as well as the last two tips mentioned, are for reducing friction. Everything, especially metals that fluctuate every day, wears out due to friction. We try to minimize this as much as possible.

Finally, and the most important, but still fine, is to replace the light bulb in the garage opening. These lights vibrate a lot when you use the garage door, and over time they break or disappear. Don’t use a medium light bulb! There are special light bulbs made by most light bulbs for garage door applications. They are usually 60 watts 130 volt lights that are vibration resistant and have a lifespan of several years. Change the light bulb when you see the brightness decrease.

Having a garage door is a luxury and garage door repair Marina Del Rey absolutely give the best. If you live in a cooler climate, they can make your life much more comfortable. There’s nothing like leaving your house at 5 degrees and getting into a car that is free of snow and heat. This feeling can be quickly erased if the garage door isn’t functioning properly. It will be more frustrating if you go online or enter a store and see how much a garage door opener costs. Do yourself a favor and garage door by waiting.